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Burgers go Gaga

burger eyelid

Thanks Burger King…Sephora‘s been trying to sell me green mascara for months now but it just never seemed reasonable. But what if my eyes could be the mini-sliders to my soul’s cheesy heart? There’s room in the budget for a lifetime supply! um, still only one mascara bottle.

Albeit, the burger is not a favorite of mine, some of the ad campaigns of late have been pretty entertaining. Who can forget that delicious burger scent they came out with circa 2008, Flame? Will someone explain to me why the site for Flame, firemeetsdesire.com, takes me to the Corporate Polices page on the Burger King site? I guess i should just be relieved it’s not the Human Resources page.

I’m just happy the King is gone. There are moments, still, when his presence haunts me . #creeper #haveityourway


Stay cheesy tots,


Written on April 21, 2012

Hello, this is food – Cheeseburger art

Hello This Is Food


Thought I was dead didn’t ya, hah! fools.  I’m back and cheese is sexier than ever.


This melting minx is an illustration from Kyle Fewell‘s anthropomorphic Tumblr: Hello, This is Food.  Prints are available on inprnt.com for $20. Do your self a favor and purchase some burger porn.

with lots of love and no cheesy regrets,


Written on April 10, 2012

Burger Boy – San Antonio, Texas

Burger Boy – San Antonio, Texas

The paper hat on his head seemed to give him a sense of pride resultant only from being a producer and manufacturer of something fine. A product that was produced every time with the same amount of attention, quality, and cheese. The wax pen scribbled in a diner short hand: Working Man Special, Cheese, Easy Mustard, Strawberry Shake. As the drive thru window buzzed for attention we sat on some orange short stools in the dineresque seating that lines the very small restaurant.

Burger Boy has managed to stay golden in an area that has seen its fair share of change. However tumultuous the changing crowd may be with the White Rabbit situated not far down the street, Burger Boy knows its Americana roots. The building remains untouched and unscathed and very…clean. I want to say it’s a throwback, but this building, like the burger, is the real deal.

So, now the cheese, right? This working man special not only is well deserved for a man that’s been working but it definitely puts a little proud hair on your chest. The burger and fries were delicious and the strawberry shake with sprinkles is extra precious. The prices in this place are ridiculously reasonable as well. In a time where you can pay over $10 for a burger and then have to add your fries and drink on separately, come on. But not at this burger joint. At this burger establishment you can look forward to feeding the family or hanging before a show for a reasonable and delicious price. Double cheese gives it a nostalgic 7.5.

Burger Boy
2323 N Saint Marys St
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 735-1955


Written on July 7, 2011

All American Burger Festival- San Antonio, TX

Aloha burger lovers, DoubleCheese is bringing to you all of the good things you deserve.

First, although DoubleCheese is aware that the Malthouse is not for everyone, it for the 2nd year in a row has been selected for the People’s Choice Award in San Antonio for best neighborhood burger joint. So, my swanky little burger place is just the perfect little burger place on the Westside.

And now…

This year on July 16th San Antonio will be hosting and celebrating and cheesing like no other at the 2nd Annual All American Burger Festival! [SCREAM.]

Currently at the center of this cheestival is a hot and cheesy good ol’ fashion Burger Cook-Off between Mayor Julian Castro (Democrat) and Tommy Adkisson (Democrat). Taking place on the East Side of San Antonio, no stranger to delicious food like Big Lou’s featured on Man Vs Food and my personal favorite Wednesday lunch haunt Mr. G’s, the city hopes to shed some light on the beauty of the Eastside. And beauty, I believe is what we will see. There will be a cook-off among individuals and local restaurants affording bragging rights and a mighty fine trophy to the winner for a whole year.

At the event, St. Philips College Culinary Departments and the Culinary Institute of America will be honored as well as scholarship winners Hali Myrick and Joshua Dennis. And before you start putting on your stretchy pants and/or unbuttoning that top button on your pants, check out the event schedule that includes an Art Exhibit, Car Show, Live music and a rocking KidZone.

Listen, this event is free. It’ll be hosted on Commerce street around 3 blocks away from the Historic Sunset Station. So in this hot summer heat everyone come out and get CHEEEEEEESEEEEYYY!

Check this out:


Written on June 21, 2011

Poop Burger is Poop

Unfortunately I report something not too cheesular in the way of burgerbilia. Japanese scientist (leave it to them, right?) have created a meat made from the proteins from poop. If that isn’t vomitsville enough for you here’s a video that literally makes the faux meat look like face jerky. Doublecheese will not be writing a review on said “Poop Burger” anytime soon.

Written on June 17, 2011

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