Hut’s Hamburgers

Alright folks, it’s been awhile and I’m sorry I’ve been slacking but finals came and went I’m ready to report to you one of the best burgers I have eaten in awhile. Hut’s Hamburgers located on West 6th street in the ATX (Austin) pretty much made all my dreams come true.

There’s the swanky little dive with my friend Andrew doing the 90’s nerd wave. The Hut’s Menu is pretty large with shakes, sandwiches, burgers, and snacks. They’ll even make your burger with Buffalo meat! Hence the buffalo looming over all patrons dining.

After ordering the buffalo patty in his burger, Andrew Petty said, “I can feel the buffalo in me, he’s staring at me.” I ordered the almost beyond real and extremely delectable Arnold’s Best

which came with guacamole, lettuce, bacon and jack cheese. Being from San Antone, guacamole is something I’m pretty touchy about and apparently Hut’s has the avocado art down. I literally inhaled my burger do to its high flavor intensity. Some would call it good. I call it scrummulescent! The onion rings are amazing/hugenormous and my vanilla coke gave it a nice fifties diner feel. The place boasts incorporating both an old and new Austin feel which it does impeccably.

The diner’s slogan, “God Bless Hut’s” has a rather hand-of-God-loves-burgers story to it. During a flood in 1981 that took its toll on the surrounding Shoal Creek area, Hut’s miraculously survived. “God Bless Hut’s,” indeed.
I more than recommend Hut’s. As a person in the Austin-San Antonio area it IS a rite of passage.
Here’s the address and hours:
807 W 6th St
Austin, TX 78703
Mon-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm
Sun 11:30am-10:00pm
(512) 472-0693
Hut’s Site
I’ll probably be there every day of my life now. Chillin’ under the buffalo.

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4 Responses to “Hut’s Hamburgers”

  1. Kimo says:

    the last link doesn’t work…get with it son

  2. machinehuman says:

    You probably hear this a lot but I just got hungry. Nice blog, great burgers.

  3. cindy says:

    Don’t worry trust me i understand about the finals. Ew I have never had a burger made of buffalo meat. Does it taste like a hamburger at all? I could go for a good chocolate shake right about now that sounds good! I can never find and good shake that is inexpensive well except for maybe the ones they have a Wendy’s .

  4. IE FOOD says:

    I like your site,where did you go?????

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