Dan’s Hamburgers – Austin, Texas

Dan's Hamburgers

As a burger joint should strive to be, Dan’s Hamburgers is a definite icon in Austin, TX. In big cities, like Austin and San Antonio, a good burger is usually hidden in the sprawl of the neighborhood. Slightly hidden to those not familiar with the area. Although word has spread about Dan’s, in the beginning it was a just a community burger joint. A place families went weekly, after a long day, after traffic and reports, school and work, Dan’s is there to be a burger oasis. A small business that means a big deal to a lot of people.

Dan's Hickory Burger

What you might see a lot is that Dan’s Hamburgers is a good burger but not the best. I’ll agree with this statement, but it was a damn good burger. Adequately sized, a did inhale the whole thing. I ate it all and didn’t have room or all the delicious onion rings. I loved the place, I loved the food, I loved the cafeteria like seating. The service is quick and the burgers have the taste of a well worked grill in them. The hickory sauce does not overwhelm the burger, just adds a nice hint of flavor. It reminded me a lot of my original burger love at the Malt House in San Antonio. They serve curly fries as well as regular fries, and onion rings that are pretty good. I dare say that Dan’s does make the best burgers list in Austin, and in a smaller town would be number one. The price for the taste is a deal in my eyes. And the feel of the community is a nice treat. I ate it, you should definitely EAT IT.

Dan’s Hamburgers
5602 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78751-1058
Phone: (512) 459-3239


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4 Responses to “Dan’s Hamburgers – Austin, Texas”

  1. Lauren says:

    you were right by my apartment and didn’t even call…
    hmph 🙁

  2. Go south young man. Go south. The Manchaca Store is better, much better by far. Dan’s started out using local Chuck and the Manchaca Store still does as far as I know. No matter where I have lived I made regular excursions to eat at Dan’s often going just for Dan’s. It is a simple hamburger, but it is no slouch. Good well seasoned meat will fresh veggies make for my money the best most consistant Hambuger around.

  3. thedeathkid says:

    South it is. An intramapopfranchise war has begun!

  4. Zita Wright says:

    We have been moved back to Austin in 1988 and still eat at with you. We love your menu but agree that your Cheeseburger is the absolute best we have ever eaten. We now drive in from Cedar Park since moving here in 1986 and today January 2 was no exception. Well I got the Jr. Chessedburger that the President always gets.

    I noticed that you now have a Restaurant in Buda. Do you forsee a location in Cedar Park in your future? Old 183 still gets a lot of traffic. Look us over.

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