McDonalds Happy Meal

April 09, 2008

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HAPPY MEAL. A childhood desire that drives your existence. Each ride in the car is merely a chance to mark the McDonald’s’ you haven’t hit yet, the Play place you have yet to conquer, the toy waiting at the end of the gold double arched rainbow. Often outgrown and a little forgotten Happy Meals start taking the back seat to the Quarter Pounder (a royal with cheese for those of you practicing metric lifestyles) or assorted members of the Dollar Menu Brigade. But I’m gonna let you know, it still feels good to carry your own little Happy box-o-meal! I’ve begun to order Happy Meals again every since that nice little toy they’re just giving away is a collectible Clone Wars Edition Star Wars bobble head. SHOOT YES. On this recent visit I obtained a very nice Princess Leia bobble-head bobbling pleasantly a top a Rebel Blockade Runner and enjoyed a cheeseburger, fries, and a pretty tiny Dr. Pepper.


McDonald’s has received a lot of guff in the past years with the ever greener and pseudo health conscience society America has become. Inane lawsuits and movies detailing the rot process that would ensue if you were to eat out everyday (who can afford that?) at McDonald’s (not really health conscience) several times a day (because that’s what millions of Americans do, i guess) the corporation has had to do some reforming. Which was a little “sell out” and a lot of “just make em shut up.” Let’s face it, yeah they are a billion dollar company that sells trillions of burgers, fries, shakes, and so on a day, and yeah Americana is wrapped all around that. Maybe they did get a little lazy for awhile there and the patty isn’t too thick sometimes, but McDonald’s patrons need to know that these are trainer burgers. These are the archetypes for those to follow. If you can’t at least meet these standards then get out of the kitchen you’re embarrassing me. Not to mention that if you’re ordering coffee, it might be hot! If you eat twenty big macs a day, you might be fat. Stop trying to find an easy way to get some paper and use common sense.

All that said, if I ever want to try and make some kid’s day I’d get him a happy meal. I’d let him live a little you know. Get the taste of burger in his system. Figure it all out- mustard, ketchup, pickles, cheeeeEEEeeeeese! Onions, no onions, i don’t know…let the kid figure it out. Although there was a lot of ketchup, one pickle, and the meat was thin, the burger still pulled through as decent. The general idea of a cheeseburger comes through pretty good and the fries… America’s favorite right! All topped with a cherry of a toy because it’s Star Wars. I’ll probably go back a few more times to collect all eighteen bobble heads and enjoy a shake. Splurge, i guess. Heck, SUPERSIZE ME!

Mc Donald’s‎
1105 N I H 35
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