The Cheeseburger Bed

April 04, 2009


Ever wish you could do more than just dream of cheeseburgers. At the end of a long not so cheesy day when the man’s getting you down you could just throw yourself into a soft sesame-seed bun. Then cozy up to that favorite pickle pillow of yours and sink into that nice patty of a mattress…wait- I CAN!!! The cheeseburger bed is out there and I want it and i want to eat it and if anyone tried to snuggle with me under that bun i’d say ” I’M GONNA EAT IT ALL SO SCRAM!” Until the day I’ll just friend that tasty bed on Facebook and dream of the day.

[via geekologie]

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Written by doublecheese in search of the best cheeseburgers ever. You should follow them on Twitter