Gordo's Burgers and Stuff

March 28, 2009


It was a nice San Marcos day and I knew what was a calling me- a burger. So I headed down to Gordo’s Burger N’ Stuff on Wonderworld Dr. What I can tell you is that I enjoyed the N’ Stuff. The burgers however were a disappointment.


The Queso burger consists of a pleasantly spicy queso, pickles, onions, tomatoes, and mayo. I asked for no onions which went well, however my queso came on the side of the burger. Which is a little understable but also felt as though there’s an assembly line of burger templates waiting under a heater in the back and specialty burgers are accompanied by specialty toppings ON THE SIDE. Put it on there for me, I ordered it and am going to pay you because I was under the impression you would assemble my meal for me. Sorry, but unless it’s done well i do not condone the IKEA model for burgers. The bacon was pretty delicious but other than that the burger was nothing special and unfinished when i left the table. It took a lot to try and get to the fifth bite! Perhaps Gordo’s should rethink their burgers, the chicken fried steak I hear is delicious and the bacon cheese fries we got we’re tasty and I kept going back to them during the meal. If you end up at Gordo’s for a burger unfortunately I say don’t eat it!

Gordo’s II
102 Wonder World Dr.
San Marcos, TX, 78666
(512) 878-8300

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Written by doublecheese in search of the best cheeseburgers ever. You should follow them on Twitter