Burgers go Gaga

April 21, 2012

burger eyelid

Thanks Burger King…Sephora’s been trying to sell me green mascara for months now but it just never seemed reasonable. But what if my eyes could be the mini-sliders to my soul’s cheesy heart? There’s room in the budget for a lifetime supply! um, still only one mascara bottle.

Albeit, the burger is not a favorite of mine, some of the ad campaigns of late have been pretty entertaining. Who can forget that delicious burger scent they came out with circa 2008, Flame? Will someone explain to me why the site for Flame, firemeetsdesire.com, takes me to the Corporate Polices page on the Burger King site? I guess i should just be relieved it’s not the Human Resources page.

I’m just happy the King is gone. There are moments, still, when his presence haunts me . #creeper #haveityourway

Stay cheesy tots,


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Written by doublecheese in search of the best cheeseburgers ever. You should follow them on Twitter