June 18, 2009

so i guess i kinda suck and should’ve been dethrowned as The Doublecheeseblogger months ago. But heck, college isn’t as easy as stealing candy from kids especially when your favorite past time is still stealing from kids. Also, I lost my dear friend to a boyfriend and the two lame-O’s went and climbed a lousy mountain while holding hands and I was like whatever. Anyone whose seen Lord the Rings extended editions should know the wilderness is wack, and there are barely any-close-to-zero burgers out there. And now I’m taking some lousy summer 1 classes and trying to not assault kids with candy and it seems like the summer has begun without too many burgers showing up.

But before you go feeling hopeless i do happen to have one very delicious/disappointing/ still too delicious to stop burger post coming for sure before the weekend. SOOOOO

yeah, i miss you too… i guess.

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