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Cheeseburger Shirt!

Perhaps it’s not enough to have the cheeseburger inside us, but to wear the cheeseburger proudly on the outside. Minus the 100% beef, plus cotton, and we might just have a deal. This shirt was actually the first in my growing Cheeseburger garb collection. Designed by Matt Palmer and available on Threadless for 18 dollar-menu burgers ($18) it’s a little pervy, maybe that’s ’cause it’s entirely true. Either/or. If it doesn’t turn you on then that’s a deal breaker for me, suckerrrrrrrrrrRRRrrr!

Written on February 22nd, 2010. 0 Comments

Cheeseburger Wallet

Cheeseburger Wallet

Cheesefaces, ever wonder where to put your cheese? What about all that fresh lettuce? How about where on earth to put the meat? Alright maybe not that last one because of the sexual innuendo, but you get it. Toddland makes this incredibly delicious burger wallet where you can keep all your very important credit cards, money, phone number from the cashier at McDonald’s. Guys, this burger wallet could be yours for the not so cheesy price of $24 from Urban Outfitters or It’s a little overpriced for me, personally, and I’ll probably be investigating knock-off brands in kid stores. But if you have the bread (buns) then be my guest to eat it all up.

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