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New York Burger Tour 2010

I <3 New York...BURGERS! A quick break to New York last week afforded me the lifetime opportunity of inhaling burgers made by those dang yankees.

Five Guys

My first burger stop was a chain that is expanding wildly and tastily. Five Guys Burger and Fries is the proprietor of one of my favorite burgers (Slagosaurus, we were gonna get married and make out all the time together, but then i ate him) and although the San Antonio Five Guys at the Quarry was a bit of a disappointment, I still had fond memories. As my first burger in New York, I give it thumbs up up up and up. Twas delicious and I stand by my recommendation to one and all.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack. A burger place that has it’s own iPhone app, deserves it. This burger felt great going down, fresh, organic, and simple. In a big concrete town, this burger makes you feel at home. Crinkle cut fries are absolutely delicious. Shake Shack gets thumbs up, hands down, it’s too legit.


And here comes another fast food chain lounge, wait, what? Lounge? Pop Burger is the answer to your need to be too New York cool and still satisfy my burger craving needs. Why? Because it’s a pop culture cool lounge that serves drinks and gets freaky, and it also serves little pops of burgers. I say watch out, those onion rings are not right. But every other poppin’ thing is just that- POP! Burger!


And now a New York upper east side establishment that keeps the yups on a comin’, J.G. Melon. The first thing I smelt in this place, the bar-b-que sauce. It smelt like sex. I infact twittered, while waiting the 45 minute wait in the ultra-cramp spaced: “Waiting@ jg melon for a table. Burgers smell like bacon/cheese/BBQ sauce & beef met @ a gay club and got weird w/ eachother. In a good way.” And it did! And all the tight warm space and the suits and the ritz and whatever else was totally worth it because that burger was sooooo rad. Added a side bbq sauce and got busy. Yelp has it listed as a $$ ( that’s a double chaching), and i guess it is, but man that sauce was spectacular and this burger in this fine New York establishment won my heartbelly.

Other than the burgers there wasn’t too many great things in New York and so I’d really suggest just going for the burgers. YEAH RIGHT. Go to New York and EAT IT in that glorious beautiful awesome place! or else.


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SmashBurger – San Antonio, Texas (8.5)


This post is hot and fresh just like the newest Smashburger in San Antonio on Potranco near 151. Opening to the masses today, I was luckily invited to a sneak peak lunch yesterday and sized the spanking new burger place up.

I’ve definity heard some of the buzz around Smashburger, a clever franchise that has the support of a well made marketing campaign that is hip and exciting. But all the hype could be another false fame to claim. I needed to see if the burger fulfilled the design. So yesterday for lunch i went to smash me some tasty, and I was not disappointed.

smash burger 2

Ordering the BBQ bacon and cheese burger on an egg bun, and deviously adding a fried egg on it, I stared the cashier in the eye and added a Rootbeer float to my order. This was going to be a big lunch. Smash fries on the side and all I had to do was wait patiently for my order to arrive. The general manager, Toby, was kind enough to help with any burger questions and informed me of the reasoning behind the egg bun. Apparently, the burgers are so delectably juicy that the egg bun is necessary to help embrace those juices and insure that guests are able to savor every flavor these burgers have to offer.

smash burger 3

My rootbeer float was a scrumptious old school concoction that featured bottled IBC rootbeer and a pretty creamy and smooth vanilla ice cream. Comrads at the table who ordered the chocolate shake on the menu were slightly disappointed in the stingy use of the chocolate syrup in said shakes. Some beer and burger people will be pleased to know that Smash serves beer and wine with a bucket of 4 beers coming in at $9.99, pretty fair deal if I do say so myself. But now the main event.

smash burger 3

My BBQ burger did not disappoint the hype. The egg was perfectly fried, the crispy onion straws swimming in the BBQ sauce, and that extra sexy applewood bacon all contributed to an amazing combination. Although, if you prefer your bacon crispy I suggest you request that at the register. Also, the BBQ sauce on their burgers is nothing short of amazing. I definitely recommend this burger to everyone! I cannot wait to go back and try any of the other exciting burgers on the menu. I will say that the smashfries are pretty tasty, however are seasoned a little too heavy in some areas. The regular fries are a safer bet, lightly salted and a better quality version of America’s favorite fry. Beside those small details, the patty, the bun and the BBQ sauce make an incredible experience for your taste buds. The excitement and energy of the hosts make this place a new establishment that wants to please their guests. Although perhaps a little too eager, I’m sure that was a first day jitters kind of deal and will ease up.

Smashburger I give you an impressive 8.5 and can’t wait to return to you soon. Thanks everyone for a great experience and the free meal! Hugs, kisses, and all my <3, EAT IT! SmashBurger
Potranco Rd. & 151 Access Rd
8802 Potranco Road
San Antonio, Texas 78245


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Hola Burgeroids!

It’s the season to give and one of the best burger chains in Texas, Whataburger, is doing just that. Twelve Days of Whataburger, sponsored by the always delicious Dr. Pepper, gives coupons for free food throughout the Christmas season. So far I’ve gotten a taquito (yum), and a pumpkin fried pie, and forgot to go to Whataburger to pick up a nice 20 oz Dr.Pepper on the house. With four days gone I recommend everyone hurry and sign up for the delicious free tasties that’ll warm even a scrooge’s heart.
The promotion was originally for the 2007 Christmas season until coupons were leaked through that sneaky internet. However, alas, in 2009 they have made it out to the public so let’s enjoy!
while you’re there make sure to try the A1 Thick & Hearty Burger which is going to retire FOREVER after December 21st. this burger is not only incredibly delicious but it’s two patties of meat, bacon, onions, cheese, and A1 steak sauce which makes it even more incredibly Texas. The fact that it’s going to disappear breaks my heart. I’ve contacted the support hotline at least twice this week to plea for reconsideration on behalf of Whataburger and the powers that be. It was one of my dad’s favorites, and that man knew a thing or two about the ways of food.

So go my burger comrades! Eat it before it’s too late! Whataburger’s a 24 hr establishment for your convenience.


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Slagosaurus, My Five Guys Love

Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Let’s talk about Five Guys Burger and Fries. A burger joint that originated in Arlington, Va back in 1986 has spread across the U.S. and now has over 300 locations in 25 states. Five Guys markets that the establishments do not contain any freezers, fifteen free toppings, making 250,000 possible burger combinations! Five guys recently opened a new location in Austin, Tx. Lauren Miller, a UT student and dance party aficionado, recommended I check the place out, see what the big deal is. So off I went to 3208 Guadalupe St in the ATX to investigate.

With burgers, simplicity is boss! The menu is straight forward. You can get a cheeseburger or a hamburger, little or regular. Little being one patty, regular being two. I went for the Bacon Cheeseburger. And a funny thing happened as i was ordering, i felt a strange and awesome liberation from premeditated burgerdom! I felt as i was saying pickles it was a free for all for any of the other 14 free toppings. So then I said sauteed mushrooms. And then I knew i needed bbq sauce but i wasn’t done yet. This burger needed one more somethingdelicious, so green pepper just came out. And that was it, with a Coca Cola as a burger chaser I was ready.

Five Guys Burger

My burger showed up in a brown bag with greasy splotches all over, a good sign. I pretty much ripped opened the foil to find Slagosaurus. Yeah, this guy was so disgustingly handsome I had to name him. Then after the first rather happy bite I had no choice but to continue to make out with the bad boy. Slagosaurus was scrumdiddlyumptious because it was all my idea. The meat was fresh and the quality added to the topping melee. The bun tasted as though they had toasted it on the grill and had a sweet little taste. I have to praise this burger because the cheese alone is defying gravity right before my eyes. The fries, cajun style, were plentiful and tasty. There were so many fries my burger was swimming in them and so was I and we were in love.

five guys fries

As a strange note, Elijah Wood that web slinging fool also dines at the Five Guys on Guadalupe in Austin. Way to go Indie creepy!

You know what I want you to do: EAT IT and EAT IT HARD.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
3208 B Guadalupe St
Austin, TX 78703
Tel: 512-452-4300
Fax: 512-452-4310


Stay tuned for next post on another Austin favorite P. Terry’s Burger Stand!

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Dan’s Hamburgers – Austin, Texas

Dan's Hamburgers

As a burger joint should strive to be, Dan’s Hamburgers is a definite icon in Austin, TX. In big cities, like Austin and San Antonio, a good burger is usually hidden in the sprawl of the neighborhood. Slightly hidden to those not familiar with the area. Although word has spread about Dan’s, in the beginning it was a just a community burger joint. A place families went weekly, after a long day, after traffic and reports, school and work, Dan’s is there to be a burger oasis. A small business that means a big deal to a lot of people.

Dan's Hickory Burger

What you might see a lot is that Dan’s Hamburgers is a good burger but not the best. I’ll agree with this statement, but it was a damn good burger. Adequately sized, a did inhale the whole thing. I ate it all and didn’t have room or all the delicious onion rings. I loved the place, I loved the food, I loved the cafeteria like seating. The service is quick and the burgers have the taste of a well worked grill in them. The hickory sauce does not overwhelm the burger, just adds a nice hint of flavor. It reminded me a lot of my original burger love at the Malt House in San Antonio. They serve curly fries as well as regular fries, and onion rings that are pretty good. I dare say that Dan’s does make the best burgers list in Austin, and in a smaller town would be number one. The price for the taste is a deal in my eyes. And the feel of the community is a nice treat. I ate it, you should definitely EAT IT.

Dan’s Hamburgers
5602 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78751-1058
Phone: (512) 459-3239


Written on April 13th, 2009. 4 Comments

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