Willie’s Grill & Icehouse – Leon Springs, Texas (5.7)

Willie’s Grill & Icehouse – Leon Springs, Texas (5.7)

This weekend the humid Texas heat that preludes the hurricane season was misery. The sun burns your skin, the wind is a stranger, beer and water are your only friends. So after a dip in the pool, doublecheese needed something…cheesy.

Enter Willie’s Icehouse and Grill. A Dallas rooted chain that flowers fried greasy whatever. Willie’s has opened a nice burger and icehouse out in Leon Springs, not far from the original Rudy’s Bar-B-Que. Placed on the access road of I-10, Willie’s does an amazing job of blocking out the world. You can sit on the decently sized patio for hours and feel only the same pressure the man selling peaches from the back of his pick-up might feel.

Enough of the welcoming atmosphere. Now, the grub! My opener was Willie’s queso, specialized with taco meat, accompanied by a chunky salsa and thin, lightly salted chips. This appetizing cast, my friends, stole the show! Creamy queso and deliciously seasoned taco meat stand strongly alone. However, when you co-mingle the salsa, with the delicious other pair, you get an addictive dip. ADDICTIVE.

Into my second Blue Moon, poured in a fresh, frosted mug, my Hickory Burger arrived. The circumference on this burger was intimidating. The accenting BBQ sauce is definitely meant to be accented with a cold beer. The onions are cut and grilled to embrace both the sweet and sharp onion flavors. A strong taste that overtook all these flavors was the extremely well done patty. The center of the patty was cooked and tasted awesome, the outside tasted like the burnt crumble of meat that stayed on the grill all day.

The cheese, the beer, the queso- an amazingly deliciously meal. The burger, hard to enjoy. So, although I do recommend Willie’s for a peaceful patio and beer retreat, I need to say: make sure you request a medium well patty. So, the burger at a 5.7, I say Don’t Eat It! But feel free to drink and dip it all up!

Willie’s Grill & Icehouse
Leon Springs
24200 IH 10 W
Leon Springs, TX 78257


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Malt House – San Antonio, Texas (10)

Malt House – San Antonio, Texas (10)

Doublecheese has been in a slump. Doublecheese was lost in the ground beef and cheese hub-bub and may have forgotten what it’s all about. Deep in the belly of the whale, struggling for some light, Doublecheese returned to where it all started. Venturing deep into West Zarzamora, Doublecheese tried to return to the burger roots. Those roots, all the sweet burger memories, where found at the Malt House.

The Malt House brings a tear to doublecheese’s eye and a thousand precious moments where Selena plays on a jukebox while burgers and black cows are inhaled. Thoughts of my Pa laughing and drinking beer, enjoying chips and salsa, enjoying the peoples and products of a 50 year tradition are still encompassed by this well known establishment. And although change is transforming this place, carhops are still running food out to parked cars and the latest trends can still be purchased from a lone vendor on the outside benches.

Situated on the cusp of the touristy San Antonio downtown area, with Mi Tierra’s and El Mercado blocks away and one of the few remaining operating Handy Andy’s a few blocks into the real heart of San Antonio, the Malt House is an icon to west San Antonians. An icon portrayed in Jesse Trevino’s recent exhibition on display at the Museo Alemada in 2009. The painter captures San Antonio’s distinct cultural flavor with simple honesty a restaurant that caters to the neighborhood it serves.

When you bite into a malt house burger you’ll want to compare it to a Whataburger, easy. But, a few bites in you’ll quickly realize the small differences. The cheese and mayo mingle so sweetly with the standard simple bun. The juices of the patty create a flavor that feels so classically cheeseburgery delicious. Adding ketchup to the jumbo cheeseburger gives the sweet mayo and cheese medley a hint of sour, a taste that highlights the patty in a new light.

Although you may go to a hundred chain burger restaurants and order the same burger, you’ll walk away with a different experience almost every time. The Malt House has been serving the same burger and experience for over 50 years. A diner experience of a waitress that may not speak English fluently. An experience peppered with live mariachis and street vendors selling bracelets decorated with saints or keychains hand braided with a note of a deaf person’s prayer. I recommend this eatery to true San Antonians who understand the culture of the hard working class.

The prices are unbelievably affordable in a time where a $10 burger is becoming the standard. The service is fast and friendly. Revisions have definitely changed the once brown and tan building, but carhops are still available if you “leave your lights on.” It may never be the best burger in town, but it will be the burger place for generations to come. The place where families can leave full for under $20 bucks. I give the burger a 7.5. However, because I was raised on this burger, it will always be a 10 to me. So, Eat It!

Malt House
115 S Zarzamora St
San Antonio, TX 78207
(210) 433-8441


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National Burger Day!

Everyone burger it up into the wee hours of the night! It is National Burger Day!

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Bobby J’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers – Helotes, Texas (8.5)

Bobby J’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers – Helotes, Texas (8.5)

Sometimes doublecheeseblogger wants pizza, which is strange because doublecheese ALWAYS wants burgers. So doublecheese contemplates, “Why doesn’t pizza want to be a burger? Why can only burger be a pizza? What’s up with that planet earth?!” And the world spun slowly and sadly, and the doublecheese ate cheeseburger pizza with no buns and no patty. sigh.

and sigh.

Until finally all the world’s marvels and the full magical force of technology and peace came together to make something for which doublecheese rejoices in the golden spring sun with: pizza burger. tehehehee, it’s so simple, and soooooOOoo revolutionary, put the pizza IN the burger. And that, cheesefaces, is what Bobby J’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers on highway 18 in Helotes, TX does.

Although the menu does offer a large variety of delicious foods like chicken, fish, and shrimp, doublecheese only wanted a burger from a place that boasts making award-winning hamburgers. and as I browsed the array of tasty traditional and non-traditional burgers like the western burger, fiesta burger, or even the green chili burger, there at the bottom was a medical marvel, the find of this young century! And doublecheese ordered and waited in pure excitement for the best culinary worlds to meet in a burger in doublecheese’s mouth!

There’s plenty of shaded outdoor seating to enjoy your ice cold beer or Big Red (it’s on tap!) under. And the decor has a quaint Texas-something about it. Although the system for ordering is pen and pencil analog, the service is beyond friendly. Something they’ve had ten years to perfect. Opened by Bob Sfalos in 2000, Bobby liked to keep his secrets in the kitchen, especially his chili recipe. Even though Bob Sfalos passed away December 2009, his love for burgers goes on through his restaurant.

And that love does indeed shine on! The pizza burger was a mozzarella-pepperoni-ground beef love fest. A festival I added to by, true to Texan form, adding ranch dressing to the mix. I will say that it might be better to dip the burger in ranch instead of applying ranch directly to the burger. But ranch aside, the burger patty did stand well next to the pepperoni and pizza sauce. The cheese and buttered bun made a delicious Italian bread medley in my mouth. The onion rings were pretty darn delicious and breaded and fried to a golden but not greasy crisp.

in this nice spring weather I definitely recommend Bobby j’s and give it an innovative 8.5. You know what to do EAT IT, cheeseys!

Bobby J’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers
13247 Bandera Road
Helotes, TX 78023-3937
(210) 695-4941


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Orderup – San Antonio, Texas (6.0)

Orderup – San Antonio, Texas (6.0)

My burger voyage will now take you to a trendy dive off Wurzbach and IH10, orderup^. This place markets itself as a fine pizzeria, taqueria, and burgeria, which is very cool until you say burgeria so many times that it sounds like something else -arrhea (sick, sick, sick).

Now walking into this hip little place makes guests feel free and new and excited. There’s a world of opportunity out there of Spanish/ Italian/ American choices. Choices that ultimately will cost you! Veggies climb as high as $1, Cheeses at 75 cents, and additional meats (including a fried egg) escalate to $1. So if we start with your basic burger at 4.95 for lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion and a butter toasted seedless bun and want to grow from there- well just try and stay within your burger budget is all.

My resultant burger was expensively impressive. Add grilled peppers, guacamole, and jack cheese atop your basic burger foundation and voila a tres tastey very dressed up burger. Now, I kinda really liked this place. There’s mint to put in your tea or lemonade and you look so cool hanging out in a place in San Antonio that not only has live muic but also has an improv troupe perform there. But when I picked up my burger the bun was cold to the touch (gross) and yeah the guacamole was really awesome, but that was a large part of my driving to the end of the burger. Not the meat, or the (applied to liberally) grilled peppers. Infact, I even flipped the bun off my burger and fished out the guacamole with a chip (which was satisfying). The salsa was pretty friendly, not too spicy. The service was awesome, the restaurant is clean, and there’s a nice patio with outdoor seating.

I’ll probably go back and not order a burger. Pizza, perhaps, and the boy at the register highly recommended the tacos. But a burger, I’ll probably go a cheaperelsewhere. So, Orderup^ i give you a 6.0 and say pass on the eat it.

9873 IH-10 W
San Antonio, TX 78230
(210) 877-0007


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Oscar Winner Sandra Bullock and Burgers

After winning the Oscar for Best Actress in a Leading Role (The Blind Side) Sunday night at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards ceremony Sandra Bullock was quoted back stage stating ““I just want a burger and I just want some food. I want to sit down, take the shoes off. I want to eat and not sweat it and not worry the dress will bust open. I just want to relax and… I’d like a nap, too.” Pretty sexy cheesy words coming from the romantic comedy star who wore a perfectly fitted Marchesa gown. The only question I have is: how did the Oscar winner celebrate her Razzie award for Worst Actress the night before? Hopefully cheeseburger is still the answer.

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UFO Burger- Jessica Fortner

And here is a pleasant piece of burger art for you. “UFO Burger” composed by Jessica Fortner who “creates unique one of a kind hand-sculpted illustrations. Her sense of visual and conceptual problem-solving creates a one of a kind aesthetic, sense of humor and approach to storytelling.” To get a better grasp of the medium and what hand-sculpted illustrations are exactly Fortner has a very interesting interview you can check out. Enjoy burgermeisters!

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Babe’s Old Fashioned Food – San Antonio, Texas (7.0)

Babe’s Old Fashioned Food – San Antonio, Texas (7.0)

As these beautiful weekends keep rolling around Central Texas, I continue searching for the perfect burger place for you to enjoy these days great days at. This weekend, Babe’s Old Fashioned Food is up for debate. Located on Fredricksburg just inside the loop and across from Crossroad’s mall stands a little burger and sports place. Serving San Antonians since 1987 at this location, this establishment definitely has its roots planted in making you salivate. While entering the line you’ll be tempted by cooler with an assortment of ice creams available. Once you realize that those same ice creams are the main ingredient in a shake, well, good luck resisting a shake is all.

Babe's Old Fashioned Food

Now Babe’s does have quite a menu with burgers, wings, and even pizza. Also, just by mentioning the place i get many a response in the line of “great fried pickles,” ” beer specials are pretty good there,” and “ah, the onion rings are great, ya gotta git em.” So it was definitely a contender for burger bliss.

Babe's Guacamole Burger

I ordered the Guacamole Cheeseburger and the guac was pretty delicious. What wasn’t delicious was all that lettuce. I mean there was a lot that i had to shovel out. Once that matter was settled though, I must say this burger was pretty darn good. The bun was buttered and greasy, the patty was pretty juicy and over all everything came together pretty well on this burger. As good as it was, it was just that, good. Nothing jumped out too big about this burger. It is big. The onion rings were pretty darn scrumptious. Thin and seasoned so well, those onion rings at times out shined the burger. Fries were also a shining point of the meal. I couldn’t resist the shake and i don’t know if i ever will be able to because it was so darn good. Creamy, thick and picturesque, i’m ready for the summer with a shake like that.

Babe's Strawberry Milk Shake

Babe’s is a good stop for burger lovers. It’s got a sports/college atmosphere and the prices are pretty good, especially if you hit some of those lunch specials. I’m givin it a 7. Although not high on the list of eateries to return to I definitely suggest you EAT IT.

Babe’s Old Fashioned Food
4535 Fredericksburg Rd
San Antonio, TX

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Cheeseburger Shirt!

Perhaps it’s not enough to have the cheeseburger inside us, but to wear the cheeseburger proudly on the outside. Minus the 100% beef, plus cotton, and we might just have a deal. This shirt was actually the first in my growing Cheeseburger garb collection. Designed by Matt Palmer and available on Threadless for 18 dollar-menu burgers ($18) it’s a little pervy, maybe that’s ’cause it’s entirely true. Either/or. If it doesn’t turn you on then that’s a deal breaker for me, suckerrrrrrrrrrRRRrrr!

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Chris Madrid’s – San Antonio, Texas (9.0)

Chris Madrids

I am going to introduce you, if you aren’t already familiar, with San Antonio burger royalty. Chris Madrid’s. This is a San Antonio right of passage. In this institution you won’t find a health loving, better-life burger that will leave you ready to embrace a healthy green future. What you will find is a burger that does not apologize for anything that burgers exist for. Cheese. Meat. Butter-toasted buns. Circumference. Grease. Good God the grease!

Yes, Chris Madrids was omitted from Texas Monthly’s 50 Best Burgers in Texas. Yeah, it somewhat goes against my “just right burger-size,” what am i talking about, Chris Madrids obliterates that. But what you need to understand is that there is something entirely magical about what the cheese is doing. It’s beyond sex, it is cheese globs sblobbing and drobbling all over your sweet little face. If you even make it half way through this beast, you can consider your burger-innocence completely and thoroughly BURGERED. And even if you ever do stop making out with the cheese ( i never did), there’s a patty there that never went understated. Made on a grill that has seen its share of San Antonio times, that patty wants you to want it. This place is a staple, a must, a always come back, a best memory for sure.

Chris Madrids Menu

Originally opened as a burger and taco establishment by a University of Texas Marketing graduate in 1977, the tacos were soon phased out by the awesomeness of the burgers. The menu is pretty simple with six headlining burgers that come in two sizes: regular and MACHO. A beastly chicken sandwich, chalupas, nachos and fries round up the menu with a very inviting bar located on the other side of the restaurant.

Chris Madrids Tostada Burger

I went for the regular Cheddar Cheesy minus the onions. While other members of the burger team pledged an undying loyalty to the Tostada Burger. As you can see, eating this burger isn’t a clean event. I was privy to witness my burger comrades eating the Tostada Burger two different ways. The successful method being an approach that treats the burger as a pizza, or perhaps that famous Latin cuisine: Tostada. Kyle Pippin, in a moment of Tostada burger completion ecstasy stated the event was definitely “Intercourse inducing” (weirdly true). While the fries are subpar, I’ve had encounters with the nachos that are other wordly.

Cheddar Cheezy

There’s always a line. You might always have to have half your party scouting for a table while the other half waits in line and orders. There’s an atmosphere that tells you you’re eating somewhere that means something to San Antonians. And it does. The burgers do. A section on the Chris Madrid’s site allows for personal stories. There you’ll find 98 stories of testament to the institution. You need to go eat at Chris Madrids. EAT IT- because it’s a 9. Eat it ’cause your arteries want it.

Chris Madrid’s Nachos and Burgers
1900 Blanco Rd
San Antonio, TX 78212


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