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burger eyelid

Thanks Burger King…Sephora‘s been trying to sell me green mascara for months now but it just never seemed reasonable. But what if my eyes could be the mini-sliders to my soul’s cheesy heart? There’s room in the budget for a lifetime supply! um, still only one mascara bottle.

Albeit, the burger is not a favorite of mine, some of the ad campaigns of late have been pretty entertaining. Who can forget that delicious burger scent they came out with circa 2008, Flame? Will someone explain to me why the site for Flame,, takes me to the Corporate Polices page on the Burger King site? I guess i should just be relieved it’s not the Human Resources page.

I’m just happy the King is gone. There are moments, still, when his presence haunts me . #creeper #haveityourway


Stay cheesy tots,


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Hello, this is food – Cheeseburger art

Hello This Is Food


Thought I was dead didn’t ya, hah! fools.  I’m back and cheese is sexier than ever.


This melting minx is an illustration from Kyle Fewell‘s anthropomorphic Tumblr: Hello, This is Food.  Prints are available on for $20. Do your self a favor and purchase some burger porn.

with lots of love and no cheesy regrets,


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Burger Boy – San Antonio, Texas

Burger Boy – San Antonio, Texas

The paper hat on his head seemed to give him a sense of pride resultant only from being a producer and manufacturer of something fine. A product that was produced every time with the same amount of attention, quality, and cheese. The wax pen scribbled in a diner short hand: Working Man Special, Cheese, Easy Mustard, Strawberry Shake. As the drive thru window buzzed for attention we sat on some orange short stools in the dineresque seating that lines the very small restaurant.

Burger Boy has managed to stay golden in an area that has seen its fair share of change. However tumultuous the changing crowd may be with the White Rabbit situated not far down the street, Burger Boy knows its Americana roots. The building remains untouched and unscathed and very…clean. I want to say it’s a throwback, but this building, like the burger, is the real deal.

So, now the cheese, right? This working man special not only is well deserved for a man that’s been working but it definitely puts a little proud hair on your chest. The burger and fries were delicious and the strawberry shake with sprinkles is extra precious. The prices in this place are ridiculously reasonable as well. In a time where you can pay over $10 for a burger and then have to add your fries and drink on separately, come on. But not at this burger joint. At this burger establishment you can look forward to feeding the family or hanging before a show for a reasonable and delicious price. Double cheese gives it a nostalgic 7.5.

Burger Boy
2323 N Saint Marys St
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 735-1955


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All American Burger Festival- San Antonio, TX

Aloha burger lovers, DoubleCheese is bringing to you all of the good things you deserve.

First, although DoubleCheese is aware that the Malthouse is not for everyone, it for the 2nd year in a row has been selected for the People’s Choice Award in San Antonio for best neighborhood burger joint. So, my swanky little burger place is just the perfect little burger place on the Westside.

And now…

This year on July 16th San Antonio will be hosting and celebrating and cheesing like no other at the 2nd Annual All American Burger Festival! [SCREAM.]

Currently at the center of this cheestival is a hot and cheesy good ol’ fashion Burger Cook-Off between Mayor Julian Castro (Democrat) and Tommy Adkisson (Democrat). Taking place on the East Side of San Antonio, no stranger to delicious food like Big Lou’s featured on Man Vs Food and my personal favorite Wednesday lunch haunt Mr. G’s, the city hopes to shed some light on the beauty of the Eastside. And beauty, I believe is what we will see. There will be a cook-off among individuals and local restaurants affording bragging rights and a mighty fine trophy to the winner for a whole year.

At the event, St. Philips College Culinary Departments and the Culinary Institute of America will be honored as well as scholarship winners Hali Myrick and Joshua Dennis. And before you start putting on your stretchy pants and/or unbuttoning that top button on your pants, check out the event schedule that includes an Art Exhibit, Car Show, Live music and a rocking KidZone.

Listen, this event is free. It’ll be hosted on Commerce street around 3 blocks away from the Historic Sunset Station. So in this hot summer heat everyone come out and get CHEEEEEEESEEEEYYY!

Check this out:

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Poop Burger is Poop

Unfortunately I report something not too cheesular in the way of burgerbilia. Japanese scientist (leave it to them, right?) have created a meat made from the proteins from poop. If that isn’t vomitsville enough for you here’s a video that literally makes the faux meat look like face jerky. Doublecheese will not be writing a review on said “Poop Burger” anytime soon.

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Doublecheese has the Best Buns!

Hey cheesers. Perhaps you noticed my small hiatus. Perhaps you noticed that my midsection was beginning to resemble a doublecheese like texture. Perhaps!

Well, I cleaned up my disappearing act and I’m back in the scene. Doublecheese has put on some running shoes and put on some brand new Cheese garb. Check it.

Thanks nike. for a second there i thought my buns were too cheesy… what was I thinking!

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Murf’s Better Burger – San Antonio, Texas (6.5)

Murf’s Better Burger – San Antonio, Texas (6.5)

Murf’s Better Burger
7102 San Pedro Ave
San Antonio, TX 78216
(210) 822-6467


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Louis’ Lunch – New Haven, CT

Devoured By Guest (Eat-it)or Cameron Howitt

Louis Lunch, in New Haven Connecticut has the claim to fame of being the birthplace of the Hamburger Sandwich. This place has been cranking out the simplest cheese/hamburgers since 1900. Two slices of toasted white bread, a nice thick patty of ground beef, slice of cooked onion, a slice of cooked tomato, and a slice of American cheese if you are so inclined.

This place is tiny, still housed in the same lunchbox sized building that it has always been, with only three circa 1900 flame broilers, two cashier girls, and one guy cranking out burgers at a pace that leaves the hungry wanting. The aroma is divine and on a busy afternoon, as it was during my visit, the patron has plenty of time to enjoy wafts of the smell of flame kissed beef and toasted white bread. All in all, the wait for three burgers was about 40 minutes, and with standing room only this factor was rather disappointing.

The “Cheese-works”

Finally we received our burgers and rather than crowding in with fluxing masses at the limited seating we decided to take our grub across the street to “Bar” to enjoy them with some cold brews. The burger is simple. The patty lacks a lot of seasoning which is not all bad. The meat used is definitely of high quality with a good fat ratio. Louis’ claims to cook all burgers to mid-rare which is preferred but mine came closer to mid-well, which was disappointing. All burgers come dry and don’t ask for any condiments cause they do not have them. One slice of onion cooked into the meat, a slice of tomato, and a slice of American cheese on toasted white bread. Even without any condiments or pickle or anything this burger still hit the spot. The play between the meat and the sweetness of the tomato was great, the goopieness of the American cheese was also a plus.
All in all, this burger makes you appreciate many things:

1. The simplicity of the burger, at its origin.
2. The importance of good quality ingredients.
3. The great natural flavor of an all beef patty, with limited if any seasoning.
4. Lastly, it makes you appreciate all the gains in burger technology that have occurred over the last hundred years.

Thank god for change, but also for our origins.

In the words of Doublecheese, “Eat it”.

Louis Lunch
261-263 Crown Street
New Haven CT

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The Cove – San Antonio, Texas (9.0)

The Cove – San Antonio, Texas (9.0)

Sometimes mingling health conscience with junk food makes doublecheese feel like all those green yuppies need to just eat lettuce all day and leave doublecheese’s ever corrupting arteries alone. But, after a very harsh look into the food industry, doublecheese realizes that what doublecheese thought was pure meat, sometimes isn’t. Sometimes cheese isn’t really real cheese. And that some of these co-mingling savor flavors are the product of an equation that includes chemicals and processing and unhappy animals and mutated vegetation. That scared doublecheese.

Enter The Cove. Organic. Fresh. Real. Buying from local growers, The Cove makes gourmet food that is real. Located not far from the San Antonio burger institution Chris Madrid’s, which feeds off artery pollution, The Cove takes a fresh modern stand on food production. That stand has garnered attention from the Food Network’s Guy Fieri and was declared the best burger in San Antonio, 5th in the state by Texas Monthly.

So what’d doublecheese think of the SOL ( sustainable/organic/local) revolution that includes serving soda containing no high fructose corn syrup. Yum. Yum. Yes. And yum. A taste of the 09er burger has doublecheese reeling in delight for a goodness definable in every bite as a bite of the all natural product of people who do things conscience of the balance of nature. The burger selection is constructed thoughtfully, putting inconsideration the gourmet and still evading the pretention that can tag along in these matters. The patty is juicy and cooked with skill. Sweet potato and potato fries are available and savory. The sauce that accompanied my burger, although never defined, had an interesting zest that was spiced perfectly and made my sweet potato fries inhalable.

Something that also needs to be mentioned is the environment. Compared to an Austin dive, The Cove does have something fun about it. Maybe it’s the ping-pong table, the kid playground, the live music or the offer to do your laundry and wash your car their if you need to- that’s right maybe The Cove does have it all. Every 2nd Thursday is wine-tasting Thursday. Every 3rd Thursday is beer tasting Thursday and the fees for these events are decent.

My qualm with The Cove is the pricing. The menu is awesome with a seriously awesome shrimp taco under it’s belt and several other items on the menu that demand several lip-licking moments. But a ten dollar burger has never been my dream pricing. Maybe it’s telling of the economic times and maybe it’s just the price of buying local and dealing with growers who are hurting in the food inc times. While doublecheese has yet to return to Smashburger, for the deliciously over-priced, doublecheese definitely will be returning for the feel good burger revolution.

Now, the final count. Ideals, taste and price combined, doublecheese is compelled to give The Cove a 9. The burger is great. They are one of the best burgers in the San Antonio area. I say: Eat it and it local.

The Cove
606 W Cypress St
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 227-2683


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The Apple Store – Medina, Texas (7.5)

The Apple Store – Medina, Texas (7.5)

Doublecheese brings to you, my darling sizzling patties, a country grill. Down Bandera road past the rolling hills and huge hot Texas sky comes the Apple Store in Medina, Texas.

The Apple Store is your burger home away from home. Nestled next to Love Creek Orchards, The Apple Store serves up a lazy good burger. I don’t mean to say every worker there was lacking around, but this isn’t the place to go if you’re in a rush. Nevermind the detour, the Apple Store wants you to relax and take it easy and not check your emails every ten minutes to see if the world is actually falling apart without you. This burgertorium makes no apologies for taking it easy and for definitely not being fast food.

And is it worth it? All that god forbidden non-21st century analog undownloaded sit there?! Could it possibly be more burger zen than a good game of tap tap revenge and angry birds?

Yeah. ‘Cause it’s hot. And you’re in the middle of apple, Tx. So, whatever, relax. The decorum is as mom and pop apple pie as you can get- for reeeeeeeeelz. But you want it. And when your burger does show up you’ve soaked in a good two and a half decades of too adorable for words.

Now to the beef, right? I’ll admit, the bun’s a sweetie. If you’re ordering the the Spicy Pepper Jack burger then I definitely recommend going ” all the way” (wink) with the spicy jalapeño bun (even more awkward wink) which is actually the Sheila Partin’s jalapeño bun. Sure, Sheila. But really. The meat is crazy fresh, crazy delish, and crazy awesome. Your choice of cheese that comes nicely melted and a bag of chips and bam, a summer treat have you! Although you have to order the fries separate, the seasoning on those fried papas makes the separate order worth it. Beverages are free lemonade refills as well as tea and sodas available by the can.

So doublecheese says, sweet bun and awesome adventure warrant a nice plump 7.5. That sweet bun was a little tiresome, though, but Doublecheese will be returning for some more of that sweet country EAT IT.

Love Creek Orchards
State Highway 16 North
Medina, Texas 78055


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